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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Many clients are looking for options to avoid litigation due to the time and expense. Strickland Brockington Lewis has several attorneys who are certified mediators and specialize in alternative dispute resolution.

Special Master Appointments


Mediation is a process by which two opposing sides reach a negotiated solution with the assistance of an outside mediator. Strickland Brockington Lewis partner Frank Strickland and senior counsel Oscar Persons have served as mediators in a number of cases, each drawing on his more than 40 years of legal practice. In many cases, parties are able to reach negotiated solutions that save considerable time and money.

SBL is ready to assist you in reaching a resolution to your case by serving as a mediator or by facilitating mediation in your case.

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Special Master Appointments

One relatively new feature of Georgia’s Superior Court rules allows judges to appoint special masters to help prepare cases for trial. Special masters can resolve motions to dismiss, discovery disputes, and motions for summary judgment. Strickland Brockington Lewis attorneys have served as special masters from the beginning.

SBL is ready to assist by serving as a special master in a case or facilitating the use of special masters to help you resolve your case as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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