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Legislative & Government Affairs

Most legal issues unfortunately also involve issues related to laws and regulations. In addition to traditional legal counsel, Strickland Brockington Lewis leverages its relationships with leadership in state government to provide clients with advice on legislative and other governmental affairs issues.

During the Georgia General Assembly, we monitor legislative actions on topics of interest to our clients and provide updates as necessary. In the public utilities arena, we regularly attend meetings of the Georgia Public Service Commission and its committees.

When clients’ needs demand, we assist them in navigating state government and arrange conferences with public officials. In conjunction with our clients, we also assist in drafting proposed legislation for consideration by governing bodies.

Navigating State Agencies
Navigating the State Legislature
Navigating the Federal Government

Navigating State Agencies

One of the most confusing parts of state government can be the multitude of state agencies that provide oversight of private businesses. Strickland Brockington Lewis is familiar with the intricacies of the administrative process based on the firm’s representation of competitive telecommunications providers (CLECs) at the Public Service Commission, our extensive work in the election law arena, and having a former Alabama Deputy Attorney General as an attorney with the firm. The firm represented these companies in countless Administrative Procedure Act hearings, working with oversight staff and preparing solutions in an arena often dominated by major utilities.

SBL has also represented clients in bid contests with state agencies, election law clients in hearings before administrative law judges at the Office of State Administrative Hearings, and drafted and submitted comments on proposed rulemakings. SBL understands the complexities of state government.

SBL is ready to assist your organization in navigating the complex issues surrounding state agencies.

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Navigating the State Legislature

Strickland Brockington Lewis has long worked with state legislators in complex issues for clients. SBL includes attorneys who have spent time working as staff in the Georgia legislature. SBL has drafted legislation and amendments, set up meetings with the appropriate committee chairs and staff, and kept clients updated on legislation moving through the process.

SBL’s connections to the legislature extend beyond familiarity with its operations. The firm was retained by the Georgia General Assembly to advise the legislature on redistricting matters in 2011 and 2012.

SBL is ready to assist your organization in navigating the complex and often-confusing world of the Georgia General Assembly.

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Navigating the Federal Government

Dealing with the federal government is rarely something an organization invites. Strickland Brockington Lewis is uniquely positioned to assist our clients with navigating the challenges of the federal government, due to having former U.S. Congress staff serving as attorneys. The firm’s work on redistricting has also allowed SBL to form a close relationship with the state’s Congressional delegation.

SBL is ready to assist your organization in navigating the far-reaching world of the federal government.

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