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Although litigation is always a last resort, unfortunately many individuals and organizations find themselves in court and are unsure where to turn. Strickland Brockington Lewis offers a wealth of experience in litigation. SBL’s lawyers represent clients before administrative agencies, in state and federal courts, in the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court. SBL’s work includes jury trials, bench trials, motions and appeals, as well as mediation and arbitration. If you or your company are facing a lawsuit, SBL is prepared to represent you from start to finish.

Trial Practice
Electronic Discovery Consulting

Trial Practice

Although popularized by Matlock and other crime shows, few attorneys work in the trial practice arena in modern legal practice. But Strickland Brockington Lewis attorneys are an exception, regularly trying cases on behalf of clients. Whether those cases involve the trial in federal court defending the state’s photo identification requirement for voting or a trial in state court defending a university in a case brought by students, SBL attorneys are ready and prepared to go head-to-head with any other law firm’s resources. SBL litigated against the state in the redistricting case Larios v. Cox, and obtained a judgment rejecting Georgia’s legislative districts even while facing attorneys from two well-known Atlanta law firms plus the Attorney General’s office.

SBL is ready to assist you or your organization if you are facing a case with significant issues that could involve a trial.

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Electronic Discovery Consulting

The increased duties under federal law for electronic discovery leave most attorneys bewildered. Strickland Brockington Lewis is likely one of the only firms in Atlanta with a Microsoft-certified attorney available for consulting. When it comes to retaining electronic documents, SBL can assist your company or your attorney in designing a process that ensures you fully comply with your duties under federal law to maintain all relevant electronic information, avoiding serious sanctions.

SBL is ready to assist you or your organization with duties under the electronic discovery rules.

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